Quercus petraea

Eirik Eikeland: illustration student, and apprentice at Timeless Tattoo in Oslo.

Anonymous asked: skal du ha artstand på desucon 9 også?

Nei det blir litt mye for meg siden det varer i tre dager og jeg jobber full stilling da, men planlegger å fortsette å ha stand på Desucon Cosplay og Desucon Fantasy i fremtiden.

Sketches inspired by Jesper’s recent oni girl flash art.
A study of rooster in graphite, drawn from photograph.


I managed to venture to my 2nd con ever and this is my harvest.
I met vintereik who is a childhood hero of mine. I managed to get a sketch commission from him after drooling at his style for ages(the Sebastian to the right and that Valkyrie girl down to the left). The nostalgia and meeting him in person gave me a heart attack for a second there. I was incredibly influenced by his art and I think my drawing style is 15% Eirik now
I also met linnpuzzle (her art is fantastic go check her blog out its all amazing) whom I happened to share an art stand with. I ended up taking sketch commissions even though I had a regular not-art stand ticket and I earned back the money I had spent on the other things you see here.

In other words, the best (and cheapest) con ever

So cool and surreal to be told I’ve made an impact on someone in the same way other artists made an impact on me. It is the greatest compliment. 

From my sketchbook.
Flash drawing of a faun. 
Respect and appreciate people who draw flowers well……I spent all my life assuming it was easy..
Must start somewhere…..
(this is among the hardest things you can tattoo)